1. How can you apply social distancing as well as playing football ?

I think that you can not do this two things in the same time and I know that NFL will sympathize for us. “ If you are a big fan of American Football, you have to understand the characteristics of it. Players participating in this sport have to compete each other by different parts of body such as shoulder, legs, hands ….. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to apply social distancing of the government now. I think this is the unique challenge that both coaches as well as players should accept and overcome it little by little.”

  1. Have NFL created a new plan for tournament after Covid 19 ?

For me I think that this is not the right moment to reveal our detailed plans for some upcoming competition in the next months. We have to discuss with players and many representatives of NFL to make a good decision as soon as possible. As you know, the dangerous pandemic known as coronavirus has made all activities be postponed. Therefore, We will wait until it is under control and watch the things other leagues do to take off their success and failure as well. 

  1. When can coaches and players  come back to the field ?

This is the question that has uncertain answer. Covid 19- a dangerous disease around the world has made great impact on every aspects of our life. Governments of many nations are taking best measures to do against this virus and the day we get along together is one day in the future. I won’t promise anything but I hope that we will come back to the field soon.

  1. Let’s us know something about Training Camp

Training Camp often holds in the third week of July but now it can’t. We have to prepare some steps before making the event on the go. Some testing kits should be equipped so that both players and coaches will have a safe environment to play. This will not only comply the advice of government but it also assure players to help them have good condition. The official information as well as regulations will be decided by leagues and players. 

  1. What will you do if one player in NFL has positive test for Covid 19 ?

We hope that there is no case that suffer from Covid 19. But If one player in our team has symptoms of Coronavirus, we will isolate him in order not to spread to other participants. And then we will let the best doctors who have good treatment to take care of player. We are creating a detailed plan for this case.