A month before the final. What is good about American football?

American football reader “Tribune” is interested never well if once a year. The Super Bowl (the final match of the National Football League) takes place on the first Sunday in February. This is an event of those, which are written in the news feeds of even those countries to which this very football is completely alien (i.e. almost everyone). And sometimes someone has a desire to see what kind of animal there is. And even sometimes write a blog about it. In the spirit of: “Oh, cool sport, I do not regret that I watched, I will now follow.”

And, of course, stop watching forever until the next Super Bowl.

So, I decided to break the local traditions and publish a post about American football a month before it is customary to do so. Especially since there is a reason. Today in the NFL begins the playoffs: the top 12 teams go on the campaign trail for this very Super Bowl. Looks like a trophy, by the way, not that grandiose.

Yes, in order to really get carried away with American football, it is necessary to worry about someone, be sure to look at the cutting of “our” and “not ours”. I chose one of the most “pop” teams, but not because of the glory, but in many ways by accident. Just to understand the rules, it is better to start with watching matches under the Russian-language comment: it was “Stalevars” and took part in the first such game for me. And a couple of players from there I already knew: for example, Troy Polamalu with his famous hairstyle.

That’s since then, and it’s gone. There are few games in the NFL: each team plays once a week, and the season is only 16 games. Especially since there is a great resource on which you can see any match in the recording. Don’t sit at night: watch whenever you want. Fortunately, it is not the Premier League, for example, you can be sure that no one tweets.

That’s how we smoothly moved on to the question: “What, in fact, attractive, American football?” I will try to answer – just from the point of view of an ordinary sofa fan with little experience.

American football is a tough game. And it’s never violent. Yes, it sometimes resembles gladiatorial fights, budget and Russian folk fun “wall to wall.” No broadcast is complete without frames on a gurney for the injured – despite the fact that it is only those who actually suffered serious damage. But all aggression is regulated, and prohibited techniques such as grabbing the mask are strictly monitored.

There’s no room for glamorous boys. There are men out there fighting other men. And that makes the audience feel really strong and lively emotions.

American football is dynamic – despite the huge number of pauses. There can be no sluggish pass on his half of the field. The draw begins and everything is fully laid out. The team leads with a comfortable score – and in a minute all the advantage disappears. Even the presence of video replays does not slow down the game. Nobody just takes them, because if it turns out that the referees were right, the team “burns” one timeout, and this is a significant loss.