As you may know, a dangerous virus which originated from Wuhan has led to a serious economic crisis around the world. Not only is people’s lives being affected but all other activities are postponed temporarily. The disease is spreading strongly in many states in the United States which host half of the teams: California, Texas, Arizona,…According to some football fans from different countries, they hope that the full season of the National Football League will happen on time as scheduled. All players have a long time to prepare for the tournament and the biggest dream of them right now is having a chance to make their performance this year despite Coronavirus.

According to some professionals, the training camp started some days ago which is an important step to the season. The representatives of this tournament said in an interview that they felt worried about whether it would be organized or not. “ COVID 19 is the only thing that makes our event become more difficult. We are considering very much about the risk we may face up to if the competition is on the go. How can all players as well as coaches be protected from this dangerous pandemic in the next time?” 

If you follow the official account of some famous American football players, you may know about a viral hashtag “#wewanttoplay”. This contains a meaningful purpose which shows out their desire of playing in the upcoming event. All people hope that they can come back to the game and the league should prepare some safety measures to fight against Coronavirus. Almost football lovers express their support toward players’ ideas and continuously encourage players to try their best.

After many serious discussions with professional healthcare and other directors, the NFL decided to provide some protective protocols in order to make a successful event. All players will check the temperature and do Coronavirus’s test to make sure that the virus won’t spread in the community. In addition to this, face-to-face activities will be limited to protect all players from being affected by the disease. After competing in the stadium, they will be divided into small groups to relax or do personal activity. 

On the contrary, some other people think that the tournament should be postponed until 2021 when the global pandemic is completely controlled. All we have to do now is protecting ourselves from disease by wearing face masks when going out and taking social distancing,…