Colin Kaepernick needs an apology from representatives of NFL

Many years ago, there was a mistake between NFL ( the National Football league) and a famous American Football player called as Colin Kaepernick. He has played as the football quarterback of San francisco 49ers for a long time and brought back such a lot of valuable prizes throughout his career. He then applied for NFL with a hope of taking part in more international tournaments as well as competing with some other famous players around the world. However, he faced up to a big problem which couldn’t be resolved with NFL at that time. That was the main reason why he left out of this league and didn’t have any intentions to come back.

At the end of 2016 Kaepernick decided to stop being the official member of NFL because he felt very disappointed with the way they have treated him. Lebron James- one of the most brilliant basketball players of all time, who has played for LA Lakers thought that NFL should do something to compensate the former 49ers quarterback for what they have done with him before. 

The death of George Floyd has made a serious controversy around the world and there were more people concerned about the message of the American football player. In a recent interview with James, some journalists asked James about what NFL has done such as Supporting Black Lives Matter or donating $250 million to fight against racism. “ Although I am not the person that relates to this incident and don’t have a bias towards Colin, I understand the mistake that NFL is having. It is such a big problem that they have to look back and find out the reason. Colin Kaepernick is trying his best to explain what he did at that time to all fans around the world. He is proving that he will right. 

On the other side, NFL don’t have any apology to this player up to now which created a wide-ranging discussion among members of NFL.” James answered the questions from Businessweek in an online interview. 

Colin Kaepernick was treated as a wonderful American civil rights activist who sacrificed all his life to protect the black men from being attacked. His action not only presented for his true love with his nation but it also a great encouragement that support others to fight for themselves. NFL’s headers should consider about their bad attitude towards Colin and we all hope that there will be a remarkable change in the thinking of citizens of the United States. The discrimination should be controlled and prevented forever to make sure that both Black and white people have the same right.