As you probably know, an american footballers always have an suitable diet in their daily life in order to own a good health. People who have great passion on American football are not only talented one but they also practise everyday to have an ideal body shape as they want. When it comes to an vegetarian, you may think that it doesn’t relate to football much. But the fact is on the contrary when we hear a story of a former NFL player. He has applied this way to lose 40 pounds in only 6 weeks which is a motivation for anyone who want to lose weight.

David Carter – who is being known as a famous football player in Dallas Cowboys. Working in position of a defensive lineman, he has to be a powerful as well as heavy person who can beat the opponents of other team. At that time, people treated him as a giant player because of his 305 weight. Although this weight can help him very much in any competition to compete others, he has some difficulties that sometimes make great impact on his health such as: high blood pressure, tendinitis,… He felt that he was always in danger and even can die easily. This is the main reason why he wanted to change his life and started losing weight.

When he watched a programme on TV about food “ Forks over knives”, he could  know exactly what he has to do if he went on a diet. Some professionals on TV gave advices to people who have the same condition like Carter and he easily realised that his daily diet is the big agent which lead to some dangerous disease of him. Carter remembered his decision to change everything: “ I think that my illnesses is the result of my behavior in daily life so I should make a change to become a healthy american football player”

Thanks to his hard working and high determination, he had lost 40 pounds in just 6 weeks, which is a remarkable change in life. He could see some positive things such as: good sleep, increase in stamina,… 

Now when he retired from American football league, he also makes good impression for fans as a famous model and becomes an influencer in plant-based lifestyle. He said that he felt very happy because his story can encourage many fat people to lose their weights and overcome such a lot of diseases. Being in good condition now is not easy because I have to go on a diet and just eat fruit such as banana, beans, flax,… and even eliminate some favorite foods like meat. 

I want to give advices to all people that we can do anything we want if we have enough determination and the decision should be taken on time so that we can achieve our aim as soon as possible.