Sexy, energetic and exciting – these are all adjectives that people want to describe when they follow this competition. Legend Football League, which was derived from Lingerie Football League, is a tournament for women around the world. It was first founded in 2009 by Mitchell S. “ Mitch” Mortaza. There is one special thing in this match that all players are women and they choose bikini as their wearing costumes.

This idea was first originated from “Lingerie Bowl” – a competition of cheerleaders who wear sexy bikinis performing in the half-time of Super Bowl ( the annual championship game of the National Football League ) 

“ Lingerie Football League “ is treated as the best cooperation between sporty and entertainment. In LFL, wearing bikini is the compulsory rule. If player don’t comply with this law, they may be punished by their coach. Due to the dangerous of this sport, players require protective equipments in their head, feet, knee,…. To many people who have great interest in sports, this sport causes a lot of violent reactions. Women becomes a source of entertainment, especially for men because of their hot and almost nude. 

In some national leagues, besides putting on sexy bikinis, players also compete like the match of men. They try their best to take the ball and sometimes shouting loudly to their colleagues. Some special tricks has been made to boost the fame of the competition such as : swearing the referee, drinking beer while the match is running, or taking off the bra…

Many women wishes that they could have a chance to become a member of this match. However, there is a lot of criteria to select and the most typical one is “amateur”. Legend Football League don’t allow any clubs to choose the professional players who are playing for National Football League.