As you may know, the rapid spread of COVID 19 has made a great impact on people’s lives as well as our daily activities. Many different sports events have to be postponed for at least three months to make sure that all players will have time to relax. The NFL is preparing carefully to hold its 2020 upcoming season as scheduled despite the outbreak of the global pandemic. This is treated as the most interesting news that a lot of spectators are looking forward to witnessing.

The competition would be the great efforts of many professionals, coaches as well as hundreds of American Football players in the NFL. According to some experts, this could be the biggest hardship for operators because they have to take some measures to protect people’s health while the match is happening. If you often update some latest news about the cases that have positive tests for COVID 19, you may know that the United States is the nation with the highest numbers. To overcome the difficulties, spectators should give big support for the league by buying the tickets or attending the game directly. 

The NFL stated that they don’t apply the concept that both NBA and NHL have used. This will lead to a conclusion that the Coronavirus can easily spread among players and coaches of the league in the next five months. This may be a sad news to anyone who have great interest in American Football. Depending on the testing results in some recent months, the NFL has low number of cases who were impacted by the disease. This is a good news for the upcoming event because players as well as staffs are all safe and they play an important role in the success of the whole match. 

The representatives of the league also promise to provide safety protocols and kits to check the temperature and test for COVID 19 before entering the stadium. The NFL will do anything to make a remarkable performence next time and they need the support from spectators around the world.