Up to now, COVID 19 is being controlled effectively around the world, but it still makes a great impact on our all life. Especially some important industries like sporting leagues and many other types of businesses temporarily postpone all activities to protect their health from Coronavirus. NFL players have such a lot of questions about the ability to hold on carrying out the 2020 Super Bowl – the annual championship game of the National Football League. In this post, we will list out some typical queries of people that relate to the 2020 campaign. 

According to the NFL Network, an interview was organized to discuss thoroughly about the upcoming tournament which will be taken place the next time. Philip Rivers – an American Football quarterback of Indianapolis Colts asked a question: “ If a player has a positive test for Coronavirus but showing no symptoms, will he be isolated from the community and have no chance to join the competition ?” The answer for this question is absolutely yes. He will be in quarantine for at least two weeks to keep the social distance from the others. The NFL will use the protocols to test again in order to make sure that player completely overcomes from this dangerous disease. 

All coaches as well as players have to consider some initiatives which are suitable for the current condition. All of them should comply with the measures that the government as well as the league have offered to fight against the serious pandemic. Some players will have the opportunity to become the official member of the national team and take part in the competition while others may be at home and watch under quarantine. 

The header of the NFL hoped that the 2020 Super Bowl would be held on time because it was the great effort of thousands of staff. They have to create some general rules for players to protect their health: all people in the stadium must wear masks so that they can prevent the virus from spreading rapidly in the community. What’s more, the league will provide each football club a different hotel to make sure that social distancing is applied all the time. 

The NFL informed on television that COVID 19 protocols will be equipped enough for the upcoming sporting event. They hope that spectators will attend directly to encourage the players to come back after such a long time.