As you may know, the rapid outbreak of COVID 19 has led to a serious economic crisis around the world which makes everything become more difficult to solve. Some sporting events are being prepared carefully to make a remarkable comeback in the upcoming time. According to some latest news, the NFL has provided some health protocols to protect players from being affected by Coronavirus. The 2020 season will be held as scheduled so that the representatives of this tournament have to take some measures to create a safe environment. 

 Football is a sport which represents for strength and speed of a player. Practicing during the pandemic is also a good opportunity for coaches as well as participants to improve their endurance. NFL requires that there will be daily testing and face masks provided to make sure that the virus will be controlled immediately. According to a statement last week, the rate of positive tests was nearly 1% totally. 

The training camp started one month ago and there were about 108 players who were in the reserved lists. They are divided into small groups so that the virus can not spread to the community. Some people may not understand about the main purpose of creating a reserved list. This doesn’t mean that the players are affected by Coronavirus. Someone who has close touch with the victims will be in quarantine for at least two weeks. The NFL agreed that they wouldn’t reveal the information of players who have a positive test for COVID 19.

Before entering to the stadium, you must have your temperature checked by the test kits. This machine won’t show the result if you don’t wear a face mask. If you don’t have any typical signals of this disease, you will pass this round and come to another one. There will have a proximity tracker that can know exactly the connection between people at the same time. You don’t need to interact with players too much so that social distancing will be applied effectively.

They decided to choose the Bank of America Stadium as a suitable place to fight against COVID 19. All of 80 players have their own apartment which are ideal destinations to have lunch and practices playing American Football. “ We are trying our best to create a place where people feel safe and comfortable staying here. We hope that during the tournament, there will not have any hardships and the sporting events will be successful.”