As you probably know, the dangerous pandemic called Coronavirus, which originated from Wuhan has made great change in our life. Almost all nations around the world have witnessed such an economic crisis that people couldn’t do anything to earn a living. According to some professionals of sporting industry, most of the tournaments have to be postponed until the virus is under control. In a recent interview on Tuesday, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who is named as Fauci said that NFL season can not be held this year due to the rapid outbreak of Coronavirus at this time. Instead of going on as scheduled, people should protect their health by complying with some good measures of the government. 

On his official account, he made a comment which related to the new format of American Football if the representatives of this sport want to hold competition this autumn. Fauci referred many things about how to creating a safe environment for both players as well as spectators who will attend at the stadium. The leader of competition should find some suitable ways to limit cases in the ongoing Covid 19 disease such as social distancing, dividing into many small destinations to take place the tournament,… The comment of him has been converted into context so that everyone felt easier to follow. 

“ The condition right now is very serious because it is being suffered from the bad effects of Coronavirus in the United States.” Fauci showed out his concern about the upcoming NFL season. “ We all hope that government will have best plans to control this disease and turn everything into normal condition. To do that, we have to consort to the measures as soon as possible. The official chairman of the league as well as the coaches will make their own decisions about this season in 2020.

“ I think it would be very hard to american football players to practice everyday because of social distancing and cutting off from community. The NFL season couldn’t take place on time therefore they had to accept this fact and try their best in the upcoming tournament in 2021. The representatives of NFL asked me about the risks that they had to face up to this time and found out some best solutions for this problem.