The Five Oldest Teams in the NFL

The National Football League, popularly known as NFL, is an American football league that started in the 19th century as the American Professional Football Association. It kicked off with about ten teams. Today, only two of the ten are still present. Here is an outline of some of the oldest football leagues.

1. Arizona Cardinals

This is the oldest team in the NF. It was established in 1898, which is about 121 years ago. Arizona participated in the league first in the 1920 season. Currently owned by Bill Bidwill, the team has its home ground in Arizona known as the State Farm Field. They were originally known as Chicago Cardinals and have undergone some name changes over the years.

2. Chicago Bears

Together with Arizona Cardinals, they are the only teams that were present at the start of the NFL and are active to date. The team was established in 1920. Chicago Bears’ home ground is known as the Soldier Field in Chicago. Like the Arizona Cardinals, they made their NFL debut in 1920.

3. Green Bay Packers

This NFL team was established in 1919, and they first participated in the NFL in the 1921 season. The team has its home ground in Green Bay, known as the Lambeau Field.

4. New York Giants

The Giants took part in the NFL in the 1925 season after their establishment in the same year. MetLife Stadium is their home field and it is located in New Jersey. John Mara and Steve Tisch currently own the club, which is known for its dark blue, red, and white jerseys.

5. Detroit Lions

Formerly known as Portsmouth Spartans, the team was established in 1929. They later kicked off their NFL campaign in 1930. They play their home matches at the Ford Field stadium in Detroit. The team is owned by Martha Firestone Ford and has won the NFL league four times.