American Football for Beginners: Basic Gear Required

American football is a physical game played with massive levels of aggression. Still, it is a game which is entirely safe if approached well and with the proper gear, though there will always be accidental injuries. This, however, should not be used as an excuse for a beginner not to try this exciting sport. There is essential gear available to protect one from serious injuries.


As you might have guessed, this is the most essential equipment. The helmet protects one from head injuries. Though it does little to prevent concussions, the number of these have significantly reduced since the inception of the helmet. A helmet should fit tightly. It also requires good maintenance, and it should ideally be changed after three months. It is important to note that one could injure themselves with their own helmet. This could happen if one doesn’t know the proper blocking and tackling techniques.

Neck Collars

Neck collars depend on the position one is playing. They are commonly worn by the defensive players. They protect against whiplash.


Mouthguards are a compulsory component, especially for beginners. They protect the teeth and jaw from injuries. They also aid in reducing the chances of brain injuries such as concussions. They should be made of bright colors and must be worn at all times.

Hip, Knee and Thigh Pads

These pads are named after the specific body parts where they are worn. They cushion these areas from collisions and blows. As a result, chances of injuring your knees, thighs or hips are significantly reduced.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads are of two different types. The cantilevered and the flat pad. The cantilever pad is large and offers better cushioning against collisions. Thus it is commonly used by attacking and defensive players. The flat one, on the other hand, is smaller and offers less cushioning, but then it restricts movement less compared to the cantilever. It is hence used by the quarterbacks and receivers.