American Football For Beginners: How it is Played

American Football is a sport that is similar to rugby though they differ in their sets of rules and their style of play. Here are some of the basic things on how to play American Football.

Understand the Terminology of the Game

Each team in the game has eleven players. Each member of the team has a certain position and a specific duty to perform on the field. Most of the football teams group their players into different teams. Each team is then given a particular task to perform at its level best.The first team is the offensive team which includes the quarterback, wide receivers, the running back, tight ends and the offensive line which is composed of two guards, two tackles and the center. The second team is the defensive team. It includes linebackers, safeties and cornerbacks and the defensive line. The third team is called the special team who are used to protect the kicker of the ball.

Master the Basics of the Game

This game allows players to make all types of movement on the field. Players may decide to fight their way into the game and move forward running. This might need a lot of energy. They might also decide to burst the defense open through simple passes. A team has to be very organized to carry out this type of play. Players have to practice a lot so as to get their moves right. Players also need to study new strategies so as to always have a way of breaking their opponents.

Simple Tips

You will need great stamina to stand your ground when playing football. If you are playing as a running back, you will need to be fast so as to easily cause the opposition problems in both defense and attack. You should also avoid catching the ball close to your body to avoid instances of the ball bouncing off you.