As you may know, almost all of nations around the world has been taking many measures to do against coronavirus. This is a new pandemic that breaks out rapidly and make great impact on every aspects of our life. All the activities including sporting events are also postponed until further notices. 

After being delayed from the first date, the 2020 NFL schedule will take place early in May as an optimistic image of the upcoming season. Although many other event are being putted off, NFL still hopes to have a successful league of pro football. For most section, the NFL has turned down all challenges that relating to Coronavirus in the US.


Up to now, The NFL is considering to start the season as plan before which is open on Thursday 10 september. Due to the rapid spread of Covid 19, international games in London as well as the Mexico city will not be held. But NFL still follow up the beginning plan since everyone says it has no chance. The NFL can’t make sure they can absolutely keep the virus under control and how it impacts on the upcoming activity. They are trying their best to make potential plans that are suitable with the current condition.

“ I am believe that 16-game with a Super Bowl will be a remarkable event for everyone.” Marc Ganis shared his thinking to NBC Sport’s Peter King, “ Many questions relating to NFL schedule  such as : When will it take place ?, If it is postponed, can it be held at home ? or There will be spectators at the stage in every games ?”. We will discuss and then have a flexible plan in these Covid 19 days”.


In a recent interview of ESPN, Goodell said that: “ We can’t answer whether there will have audiences who will attend the 2020 NFL season or not. It must be based on the speed of coronavirus.”. “ We want to make sure that both our players as well as our fans will be safe. Therefore, we will not allow the fans to come into the stadium since there is a new way to control the Covid 19”. The NFL are trying their best to give all their fans a chance to see their idols lively. “ We will create a healthiest and safest environment possible. They are preparing for a stadium which can hold for about 15,000 people and contain social distancing guidelines. The stadium will have more than one gate so that people can separated out and not get together.


As the current state when covid 19 is becoming a urgent alarm to all nations around the world, testing machines are the key for all thing. Due to the absence of vaccine, people are using all ways to protect themselves from being affected. According to the reveal from NFL, the testing process in next time will become more easier and faster. We can see the result immediately only after a few seconds. The leadership of NFL confirmed that they will supply enough testing for all players , coaches as well as trainers,….