1. American football team brought back surgical masks from China.

Favourably responding to the request of Charlie Baker – Governor of Massachusetts, an American Football team named as New England Patriots setted up a freighter which is the private transport for members of team to China. They have imported about 1,7 million of N95 Respirators and Surgical masks ( face masks) . “ An private airplane is needed right now to ship such numerous items like this which often take about some weeks to transport. “ – New England Patriots said in an interview.

In America, many medical workers who are now in the severely suffered areas inquire more protective equipments as well as medical facilities. “ This is the action that includes both our pride of our nation as well as the special responsibility in these Covid 19 days ”. “ We absolutely knew that supplying more N95 masks is the important thing now because it can carefully protect the doctors and make them feel more assured. ” Shared from Robert Kraft – the leader of American Football team. 

According to Reuters, about 1,4 million N95 masks is shipped to many hospitals in Massachusetts states thanks to the close relationship between Kraft ‘s family and the governor Baker. Another 300,000 masks will be supplied to New York – the fastest area that Covid 19 are spreading. 

  1. Former American Football star “ lick ” his wife to make her suffer from Covid 19

As you may know, due to the rapid spread of Covid 19, our life has been greatly affected and there is an economic crisis around the world. All activities have to be indefinitely postponed and a lot of methods are developed to protect people from this dangerous disease. However in recent days, there is an happening that relates to the Football star. 

Basing on the news from Marca, Jim Hill – a former American Football player is charged for his vigorous action. Lori Lee – the wife of Hill denounced that Hill had domestic violence in a quarrel at home in Los Angeles. Lee explained that she lied on the floor to wait Hill hit her. In spite of that, Hill told his wife that he has suffered from Covid 19 and then immediately lick Lee’s face in order to infect the disease.