As you know, after such a long time doing against with Covid 19- a dangerous pandemic around the world, the current condition is becoming more fine. Some sporting events can be held offline as usual if it provides a safe environment for all players as well as the coaches. The NFL is trying their best to follow the beginning plan and can avoid any delays that affecting the 2020 season. According to the superstar Mike Florio, the following season will be held on time and there is little ability that it might be putted off. 

The main difficulty to come back to a match is testing for Covid 19 for both American football players as well as the spectators who come to the stadium to follow their idols ‘s performance. Florio added that the organizers are doing all best methods to prepare for the opening of Training camps in next time. The league is now looking forward to the appearance of their fans, especially in the first week when they first come back to the season. However, all people should comply with the safety measures that organizers has made such as 2 meters social distancing or washing hands carefully. 

Contrary to this, Dr Anthony Fauci, who is treated as an important person that experts in infectious disease thought that: “ Meeting up in the stadium is not a good way right now because it may be the big chance for virus to spread quickly”. He tried to explained in the New York Times: “ Safety for our health is the most popular thing to care about. If you can not protect both players and the fans, you may create a big problem that is difficult to solve. Especially in these days when the pandemic is not absolutely controlled, being at home is the best way to do. We can come back whenever there is no quarantine.

Per PFT : “ If anyone who buy a ticket to show up in the match, they may run the risk of being affected heavily by the coronavirus. They should think about their personal health first and the their passion for American Football later. In the stadium, there will be a lot of people and that’s why some professionals advised that we should attend the game online instead of appearing in the stadium.

Up to now, there is no official information about the postponement of the tournament. It might be pushed back and we all have to wait until further notice.