Until now, discrimination towards black men becomes one of the most serious problems around the world, especially in the United States. On May 25th, 2020, a video about one man who was killed unlawfully in front of many people has made a vast controversy among nations. Many people treated the action as the most inhuman behavior that they have ever seen. A white police officer used his own knee to beaten George Floyd ‘s neck for several minutes. People who saw until the end of the video all heard that he repeatedly shout out: “ I can not breathe anymore. Help me”. No one in that video had enough courage to protect him from the police although he was innocent. That incident was a big alarm for all countries about racism in people’s minds nowadays. Governments have to try their best to solve this hard problem with the hope that it will never appear anymore. 

Also joining in the campaign to protest against racism, the NFL ( National Football League) decided to commemorate George Floyd by playing the Black’s anthem “ Lift Every Voice and Sing” in the Week 1 game in 2020. According to some information from Television, the anthem of the black nation will be sung before this of the United States. By doing this way, black men will feel very happy because they are respected by white people. Fans of the NFL around the world felt very proud of this sports league because it can make a remarkable change in people’s minds about discrimination in 2020. 

Have you ever heard of the Black national anthem? It was composed of a famous poet known as James Weldon Johnson “ Lift every voice and sing”. It is very meaningful which sends a big message to all people around the world that African American citizens need to be honored normally like the other. They want to have more encouragement to fight for civil rights, which is very difficult for them over the years. This song is played anywhere such as churches, schools, events,.. to remind people about the fight against discrimination. 

There is a big change in the NFL when the black player called Colin Kaepernick showed out his love to his own nation by kneeling while singing the national anthem. This was such a shining example for other players to follow in sports. At that time, the NFL didn’t agree with players who didn’t stand for the anthem, but now everything is much different. NFL decided that they would try their best to equal to all players in the competition and they hope that racism should be soon controlled.