The best resources for football fans

It has long been no secret that football is a game of millions. Football has flooded the streets, cities and literally the entire information space of the world. Every day the army of football fans is only expanding. Hence, toe to step with the fans try to go media and everyone else who provides such popularity to this game. With the influx of new fans into football there are also resources where you can learn interesting information, get analysis, compare facts and the like. This is very important for young fans and beginner batters. Sport 24 offers a list of the best football resources.

It is difficult to imagine a football fan who does not enjoy This is probably the most convenient way to quickly learn the results of all matches. In addition, fans can follow the matches via text online broadcasts, which describe the most important moments of the match. It is convenient when there is no opportunity to watch a match, for example, on the road. At the same time, a detailed description will allow you to understand the course of the game – who owns the advantage and is closer to victory. quickly offers video goals, match photos, news, detailed match stats, tournament tables, scorers’ race, calendar and even archive. For example, the archive of Champions League matches has been maintained since the 1971/1972 season, when Ajax won. The user of this resource can choose a list of interesting fights for him and receive alerts about the course of the game. In addition, on the you can learn about the personnel losses of teams before the game and check what odds to win a particular team offer different bookmakers.

You don’t have to use a laptop or computer to use It is enough to download a mobile app and always be in touch with football.

Andrey Kolesnik’s YouTube Channel

Before and after the match, football fans try to get as much information as possible to understand what will happen or what will happen on the pitch. Football is a simple and at the same time complex game, where there are no unimportant details.

To understand football from within, you need to have critical thinking and react quickly to the course of the game. Sometimes dry statistics can be deceptive, so you should take a closer look at the matches.

The well-known football blogger and analyst of the football club Metal Andrey Kolesnik on his YouTube channel makes reviews for the most important matches of European competitions and top leagues in Europe. Here, fans can find out what the Bayern phenomenon is with Hansi Flick, why Barcelona is in crisis or what problems Juventus or Atletico have.

Andrey Kolesnik pays attention not only to the tactical nuances of the game, but also to the facts and their influence on the result. For example, the blogger tells what pressure Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman came under in the situation with the star players of the Catalan club. Or why Liverpool are making Diogo Yota a world-class star.