Do you think that the Coronavirus is the main thing that makes our life become harder right now ? All activities have to be postponed until the global pandemic is completely controlled. Therefore, people felt very stressed because they can not do anything to earn a living while a lot of companies tend to lay off employees. They spend almost their time at home and look forward to their favorite sporting events to be held during the COVID 19. The NFL brought about hot news that they would come back on Thursday to start their new season. It is treated as one of the most appealing things for sports lovers this year and everyone hopes that the event will be successful. 


Creating a safe environment for both coaches and players is the most important thing so that many measures have been suggested to prevent the dangerous virus from spreading rapidly outside the community. Kansas City Chiefs- the current Super Bowl champion and also the chairman of the Houston Texans promised that he would lead a remarkable tournament. 

As you may know, American is the nation that has the highest cases of people who have positive tests for COVID 19. Here is also the developing area of America Football where different competitions have been held over the years. Due to the outbreak of dangerous disease around the world, players don’t have a chance to make their performance. According to the statics of the healthcare center, American is in danger of continuous death as social distancing as well as other protective measures are not applied effectively. 


The representatives of the new season decided that all games will happen without the attendance of spectators. It means that the stadium will be empty and in some special games, a limited number of fans will be allowed to come into the stadium with the players. If anyone wants to enter the door, they have to check their temperature and undergo a daily COVID 19 test. By doing that can we control the spreading of this pandemic in the upcoming training camp.


Although the case in this league is low, we still prepare reserved plans in case players or staffs are affected by Coronavirus. We should be aware of the danger that COVID 19 will break out as soon as possible and we are solving with many hardships here.