There was very little missing for the Wenglorz AZS UWM Olsztyn Lakers to play in the LFA9 finals

There was very little missing for the Wenglorz AZS UWM Olsztyn Lakers to play in the LFA9 finals. After a very fierce semi-final meeting in Szczecin, the armada there proved to be better than olsztynian by only four points.

Recall that both teams did not lose any match this season, so it looked like a very even meeting. This was how it looked on paper, but in fact, the olsztynans, unlike the hosts, could not put in these very important struggles the strongest composition. Olsztyn Lakers after recent meetings have suffered injuries to key players: quarterback Artur Pazia and winger Adrian Dabrowski

– We had no other choice and eventually Oct ran out onto the field and played very well, but he had to be very careful not to aggravate the injury – he told the portal about the Szczecin semifinals Lakers coach Bartosz Rudzki. – Unfortunately, Adrian Dabrowski was not on the squad. To make matters worse, already the first quartz of two of our leading players suffered an injury and left the field for the rest of the match. 

We absolutely had to change our plan for this semi-final. They took the lead pretty quickly and we were constantly chasing the result. In total, we had five touchdowns and Szczecin by one less, and in the end, the fact that we did not win against Armada was decided by a touchdown: they entered them, and we did not. However, the teams showed a real heart to play. We fought to the end and there really wasn’t much left for the final to be ours.

In the end, the Olsztynans finished the struggle of Polish 9-person teams in the honorable third place. That’s the Lakers’ best score so far in the 10-year history of the section. They are now waiting for at least 3 weeks of rest, followed by preparations for the next season, which is scheduled to begin in April 2021.

Recall, the Lakers after the main stage of these games took third place (out of 15 teams) and advanced to the playoffs. Their rival in the Olsztyn quarter-final meeting was supposed to be the green mountain team, the sixth after the main stage.

In this situation, the Olsztynans advanced to the semi-finals and in the fight for the final will face the upcoming Sunday in an away match against Armada Szczecin. It turned out that the bristles advanced to the semi-finals on a similar principle as olsztynianie. The quarterfinal rival of the Army Rzeszów Rockets had personnel problems and gave up the competition.