Nowadays, there are various types of entertainment that people should choose in order to have a healthy life as well as pursuing their own dream. With the highly development of technology, many people prefer being at home and playing online games through mobile phone, while others interested in playing different sports such as basketball, baseball, ice hockey,… American football is treated as one of the most popular sports in United States which attract a large number of participants. Before taking it up as your new hobby, you should get enough knowledge about it : What is it, How to play well,… Please take a quick look at our post below so that you will have more confidence to start playing this interesting sport !

  1. The definition of Football 

If you usually follow some TV programs that relates to sports, you may know that football is a activity of teamwork. There are two team which compete with each other in a match and they will take part in a large stadium. Every player has his own task but the main purpose is passing the ball into the net of the opponent. In this sport, there are various rules that both two team have to comply with it to make sure that the match is on fair. 

  1. General rules.
  • Offenders are the one who make the ball move into the zone of opponents by running or passing it in the field. 
  • The match is divided into 4 quarters and each lasts for 15 minutes. There is a break for players to relax before participating in another part
  • The game is decided by the toss of coin. Each team will have different number and when the coin stops, the current number will represent for the first team.
  1. Some popular penalties that can appear in football game

Delay of the game, false start, chop block, holding, unfair act, roughing the kicker, clipping,….

  1. Some information about National Football League
  • There are totally 32 teams in NFL and two conferences , each conference includes 16 teams.
  • After competing for 16 weeks, the best team will have chance to take part in the playoffs. After the first winner have placed, the other two teams will participate in competition to find out the best one. 
  • Super Bowl is the best cooperation between NFC and AFC champions.