U.S. election. The new president of America Joe Biden in his youth played for the school team in American football – he was a midfielder and receiver. With Biden, the Archmere Academy team won the conference. Democrat Joe Biden won the U.S. election from Donald Trump, and American athletes welcome the new president. The 77-year-old Biden is a popular choice: basketball players, football players, skaters and more have spoken out in support of him.

In his youth, Biden himself played sports – played American football and excelled in the positions of midfielder and receiver. The future politician took up football to raise his self-esteem – he stuttered, which caused ridicule among his peers at school.”I lacked confidence in my ability to communicate, but I was always confident in my athletic abilities. The sport turned out to be my ticket to recognition. It wasn’t easy to intimidate me in the game, even when I stuttered. I was just saying, “Give me the ball,” Biden wrote in a 2007 memoir.

John Walsh, the president’s former coach, said Biden was one of the best cakes he’s seen in his 16 years in office. Walsh led the Archmere Academy team in 1960, which has not won more than twice in a season in the past decade. With the arrival of the Duo Walsh-Biden, everything changed: the players won the conference title, and Biden was one of the main reasons.

The Daily Pennsylvanian records allege that Joe had four touchdowns in four games and became the team’s leader on that point. He also scored six times in four games outside the conference, earning him 60 points for the season. So far, this figure remains one of the highest in Delaware. Biden also played American football at the University of Delaware, though the details are controversial among biographers and journalists. In his memoirs, he wrote that he stopped playing in his first year because the sport had a negative impact on academic performance. The decision to leave the team was influenced by the parents.

In May 2012, Walsh was inducted into the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame, and Biden, who was serving his first term as vice president, gave a speech. “He encouraged us to play football as if we were living a life of passion and honor,” Obama’s deputy said.