What do you need to know about the upcoming NFL season?

What is good about the NFL league, that each time we have at least 5-6 contenders to win, with all the fact that there are still a couple of teams wedged in the fight for the Super Bowl, from a circle of strong or dark horses. It is unlikely that this season will be an exception.

Among the favorites of the current season should traditionally include “New England Patriots” Belichick and Brady, “Denver Broncos” Payton Manning, last year’s participants of the Super Bowl “San Francisco” and “Baltimore Ravens”, as well as “New Orleans” and “Green Bay” – teams that were not so long ago the champion, but for various reasons could not repeat the success of last season. This is only the visible tip of the iceberg of contenders, in fact, the list should be wider, but about everything in order.

The Patriots have a difficult schedule, with some experts calling Pat’s calendar the heaviest in the league this season. In the offseason, the team lost tight end Aaron Hernandez, who is charged with premeditated murder, which with not the best health Of Gronkowski limits the number of recipients for Tom Brady. On the other hand, the elite quarterback is able to make his partners stronger, so the attack to worry with a healthy Brady is not worth it. As for the defense, there was progress last season, which gives reason to see a balanced team with a charismatic, bright leader. A clear bid for the championship.

Another team of elite veteran quarterback Payton Manning, Denver, is also seen as a serious contender for the Super Bowl. Manning, after a severe neck injury that forced him to miss a full year, and his former team, the Colts, merged the season for the first pick in the draft, surprised many by returning to the cohort of top quarterbacks. Yesterday, in the first game of the season, he repeated the NFL record for the number of touchdowns, on his account was 7 – a fantastic level and a confident victory over the reigning champion. What’s next?

Last year’s Super Bowls of San Francisco and Baltimore, led by the Harbaugh brothers, have similar challenges in defending their positions this season. The charismatic Lewis ended his career, which, coupled with the loss of Reed, would weaken the defense and disrupt the notorious “chemistry.” How quickly the team will be able to adjust to a new way, will show the season, in any case, “Ravens” will not be easy. San Francisco will have its first full season with a new quarterback, last season’s sensation Colin Kaepernick. Given the exceptional importance of this position in football, the “frisks” can only hope that their quarterback will not have a second season syndrome.

The Saints of Orleans failed last year, having been unprepared for the season, even though the team has enormous potential. Much of the reason for this was the disqualification of their coach Sean Payton. Surely an outstanding coach will bring new ideas to the team’s game, and for motivated guys, angry and hungry coaches should be the spark that will splash out all the energy of the team since last season. Drew Brees has to burn napalm, the defense has never been a strong side of this team, so I’m sure that New Orleans will show a lot of bright games, so it will be interesting to watch this team.

Green Bay didn’t fail in the last championship, the Packers performed at the level, but the former champions clearly want more, especially the prerequisites for this. The attack should not become weaker, quarterback Rodgers is still in the status of an elite player capable of doing the result, but the defense should become stronger, which should give strength to the team.

A successful season promises and Roethlisberger from Pittsburgh. Ben managed to declare that he fully understood Hale’s system and is ready to continue to work effectively in the attack. The Steelers’ defense has always been so that Pittsburgh can be seen as the shady favorites capable of regaining its championship game.