1. Patrick Mahomes

As you can see over the two seasons, Mahomes always proves that he has enough determination as well as experience to take part in many famous tournaments of American Football. According to some professionals, he should continue updating his own skills in playing this sport by competing with some big opponents in other teams. Throughout his career, he has tried his best to achieve such a lot of valuable prizes : 36 winning games with the postseason. Other footballers feel very anxious when playing with him due to his excellent tricks to get the max score. 

In almost all the tournaments he has joined, he made a good impression with spectators as the player with no below-average game. Besides, he has the ability to support his teammates when they need help. He is expected to create a world record in the next time.


  1. Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald is treated as one of the most well-known American Footballers around the world. In an interview, he confidentially stated that his special NFL season is when he is at the age of 29. This is a perfect time for a player to develop their skills as well as gain more experience to become a winner. If you often follow his performance, you may know clearly about his leading ability. 

In every match, he always tries his best to support other players with the hope that the national team will be the champion. According to the NFL’s statics, Aaron Donald made a good impression with some professionals through his win rate in some particular seasons: 24.5 %. Fans of the NFL hope that he will bring back a lot of valuable medals next time.


  1. Lamar Jackson

Jackson is a viral name in American Football over the years because he often takes part in some international tournaments during his career. His contribution to the national team led to a chance to receive the second NFL MVP ( Most valuable player) with a total of 36 passes and 1,206 yards. Can Jackson be a new version of Patrick Mahomes and become the winner in the 2020 Super Bowl after gaining the MVP ? 

“ He is the best American football player that I have ever known. He always works hard in order to upgrade his own skills and I believe that in the near future, he will be the winner of some important competitions. 


  1. Russel Wilson

He is an American Football Player who is now working for the National Football League. Wilson took up football and baseball as his main sports for about two years from 2008 to 2010 which helped him to establish a reputation. Wilson was the supporter of the NFL in 2019 with a total of 22 games. Wilson’s ability along with his great effort is the important thing that can lead to his remarkable appearance in some football competitions.


  1. Michael Thomas

When it comes to the player that influences much in the league, we should remember a viral person whose name is Michael Thomas. He exceeds all other players with 149 matches and 470 catches, which is a deserved result for his determination. Thomas is predicted to create a world record thanks to his durability, careful preparation and intensity. He is also a big motivation of sports lovers who have a great interest in American Football